Chairman backs his boss

20 November 2012 08:13
Saints may be in a poor run of form right now but chairman Stewart Gilmour is calling on the support to back Buddies boss Danny Lennon.

Saturday's defeat to Hearts was our sixth in a row in the SPL and there seems to be a growing consensus on fans forums that a defeat to Dundee could spell the end of Lennon's time in charge of Saints. Not only would it take our losing streak to seven, it would also see us drop to the bottom of the SPL.

However, in an interview in today's Paisley Daily Express Gilmour reveals he isn't getitng his trigger finger ready quite yet. He said: "Danny is the manager of this football club and is doing his best to get us out of this situation. We are not playing well right now but we’re also not getting many breaks either.

“So we must all keep working hard, and that includes Danny, Tommy Craig and the players. The supporters must also keep doing their bit and get behind the team, just as they did on Saturday."

Of course, we've all heard chairmen say this before and sack their manager a day later but Gilmour has never played this game before and I doubt he'd start now - especially as it would cost a small fortune to pay off the current management team, let alone bring in a new one.

Story source: The Paisley Daily Express

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