Celtic game on the box

30 October 2013 03:42
Saints' home game against Celtic at the start of 2014 has been moved to a Sunday so it can be shown on Sky Sports.

The game was due to be played on Saturday, January 4 at 3pm. It'll now take kick-off a day later at 12.45pm.

All our home games against the Old Firm are shown on TV so it's no surprise this one has been picked as well. You just have to wonder why they don't make the decision when the fixtures are announced as I can't remember the last time we played Rangers or Celtic at 3pm on a Saturday.

Once again none of our away games has been picked in the latest round of TV games. By my reckoning the last time we had an away league game broadcast was when we went to Dunfermline at the start of the 2011/12 season - a run which seems ridiculously unfair.

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