Celtic game moved again

12 November 2013 07:06
Our much delayed second game of the season against Celtic has been pushed back yet again and now won't be played until the New Year.

The two sides were due to meet on August 9 but the game was postponed so Celtic could send their youngsters off to play a meaningless friendly against Liverpool - worth bearing in mind when their manager whines yet again about tiredness and fixtures.

The game was then rescheduled for Wednesday, December 18 - making it a particularly gruelling week before Christmas for Saints as they also had away games at either end of it.

The match has now been rearranged again and will take place on Sunday, February 2. Both teams were due to be playing league games that weekend, but their opponents Aberdeen and Hearts are in the League Cup semi-finals. As both Saints and Celtic are out of the competition, the decision was made to move our game to the Sunday as Rangers are at home on the Saturday.

It does seem sensible to play the game then, although it should never have been cancelled in the first place. Let's hope it goes as well as the last time we faced Celtic on League Cup semi-final Sunday!

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