American makes his move

25 July 2012 10:47
A mystery American businessman has apparently stepped up his efforts to buy a controlling interest in St Mirren for £1.5million.

With the 10000Hours community interest company fans takeover dragging on, there have been murmerings in the past that other parties - based overseas - were interested in buying the club. According to today's Daily Mail: "An unnamed American has launched a £1.5m bid to take over at St Mirren."

This quote was lifted from the gossip column on the BBC website. The original article doesn't appear to be online so there aren't anymore details available at the moment, although the Paisley Daily Express has a similar article.

It'll be interesting to see if more information emerges and what this particular person wants with the club. Somehow I doubt it's Bill Gates - maybe it's Bill Miller, who recently tried to buy Rangers.

We also need to find out if this is a genuine bid or another scare story leaked by certain people in a bid to get things moving again with 10000Hours.

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