Ten reasons why Spain can retain the Wold Cup

05 June 2014 09:34

1. Diego Costa. The Chelsea bound Forward is what Spain did miss in the last Euro's. At times Del Bosque was pretty much forced into selecting a team without a recognised Striker, as he didn't have one he fully trusted. Costa has proven himself as a Goalscorer, who also works for the cause.

2. The Barcelona Players. After a poor season, the likes of Pique and Xavi have a point to prove somewhat. They are proven winners and will want to show their best form and get back into the winning habit.

3. On the flip side, Real Madrid's section of the Squad will be buoyant. After the relief and success of La Decima, players such as Casillas and Ramos will be as confident as ever.

4. Also on the mentality side, the older players like Casillas and Xavi are facing probably their last World Cup. What better way to sign off than clinch the most prestigious of Trophies?

5.The Heat and Spain's Style. As has often been mentioned, the Hear in Brazil will be something teams have to deal with. Obviously a lot of Spain's side are used to warm temperatures. However, the key to them dealing with the heat is their possession. No team is likely to have more than Del Bosquse's side and making your opposition work for the Football is a plus.

6. A settled core. Many teams will be going into the Tournament with new combinations and players. Spain, barring maybe one or two won't. They have a spine of Casillas, Pique, Ramos and then Xavi, Alonso and Busquets. It's tried and tested and sets the platform for the teams success.

7. Getting results. Spain's ability to get a one nil victory has been proven time and time again. No more so than in the last World Cup final against the Netherlands. In the latter stages, games can be cagey.

8. Team Spirit. Gone are the days of worries about how players club rivalries will be. Even after El Clasicos or Madrid derbies now, the likes of Ramos and Iniesta or Koke and Alonso will be seen to shake hands and show a mutual respect. To add to this, little used players such as Pepe Reina and Raul Albiol are very much a big support. Just watch Reina on stage after the last World Cup win! Not every Nation can say that.

9. A good variation of substitutes. Whether it be needing pace to tire a team (Pedro) or another Midfielder to see the game out (Martinez), The Spanish have a great blend of players. There's also the likes of Cazorla likely to be on the bench. Can't be a bad thing.

10. The Chance to make history. Going into the last European Championships, many said Spain didn't have the motivation after their previous win. They went on to win it deservedly. They can now be the First Team ever to win back-to-back Euros and World Cups. That's motivation enough.

Source: DSG