Prandelli wary of Spanish threat

30 June 2012 06:17

Although coach Cesare Prandelli has vowed to try to attack Spain, the wily tactician knows that his team's first challenge will be to win back the ball against the renowned pass-masters in their championship match on Sundau.

"Spain's strength is not just their possession but also their ability to win back the ball," he said.

"Our strategy will be to find our feet on the pitch and try to create a numerical superiority.

"We're not so presumptuous as to think we will run the game from start to finish.

"Even in the qualification phase we tried to play in a way that made the most of our players' qualities while also taking risks.

"We need to continue like this knowing that we've chosen a difficult path but I think it's a winning one.

"I hope we dictate the play. First we must try to close the spaces to win back the ball.

Source: AFP