Grass greener on the other side say Spaniards

12 June 2012 02:16

Spain struggled to impose their game against Italy in their opening Euro 2012 match, a 1-1 draw, because of a poor pitch in Gdansk, midfielder Sergi Busquets insisted on Tuesday.

"The state of the pitch really penalised us," he insisted.

"It was really a handicap for a team whose game is based on passing the ball around," he maintained.

Italy also did not see fit to criticise the pitch.

"It's true both teams play on the same pitch, with the same ball - but the state of the pitch can penalise one more than another," he asserted.

"It's up to UEFA to take a stand on this. I think they should intervene for the sake of a spectacle so there are more goals and less injuries."

Source: AFP

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