Euro 2012 Press Round-up 27th June

27 June 2012 01:46
MARCA: "And this one is ours"

Marca's front page has a picture of Ronaldo which says "This is Portugal's star" and right below, a picture of the star on La Roja's shirt which says "and this one is ours"

Tonight's game is one of the most anticipated. La roja is convinced about their style of play, backed up by a decent Euro run, and being current World Champions. Spanish tiqui-taca meets Portugal's quick style of play.
Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is convinced Spain can win "If we impose our style of play, we are in the Euro 2012 final".
If Spain win, it will be captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas' 100th win with La Roja.

AS: "There will be no anti-Cristiano plan"
Xabi Alonso repeats what everyone has been speculating, the general feeling is that to stop Portugal, it is fundamental they have to stop Portugal's main man Cristiano Ronaldo.
As picks up on the fact that in Portugal people are not exactly delighted that the referee chosen for tonight's match is Cuneyt Cakir, as they question his partiality, and they think that Angel
Maria Villar - President of the Spanish Football Federation, has had some influence over the choosing is this ref.
Xabi Alonso claims that playing alongside Busquets is a joy "It gives you more freedom, knowing you're covered at the back". Also Xabi says that Spain "always play with the same mentality" regardless of who they are facing".

A BOLA: "Portugal angry"
In Portugal the press is furious at UEFA's decision to choose Turkish ref Cuneyt Cakir, with the headline "The naming of Turk ref Cakir makes alarm bells ring". They also accuse the decision being made by friendships, and the fact that the president of the referee comittee is Spanish.
A Bola say that although the Portuguese Football Federation haven't officially given a statement, they know that are angry with that decision, and that they find is "suspicious" that Michel Platini has said the final would probably be a Germany - Spain.
Finally talking about football, Ronaldo classifies the match as a "hard battle" but he doesn't fear La Roja.

RECORD: "Everyone believes in the final"
Record still put the news of the Turkish referee in the front page, but less importance is given to it, the headline reads "The decision to name Cuneyt Cakir referee is not liked". This newspaper also states that the Portuguese Football Federation are considering taking a public stance on the subject, as they have yet to say anything.
Cristiano Ronaldo says that he thinks this could be Portugal's year.
Paulo Bento will work on his Plan B, Varela.

O JOGO: "Moutinho's passes taste like caviar"
O Jogo gets these words from Defour, about his team mate and Portugal player Joao Moutinho.
About tonight's game, they just have a headline with a quote from Cristiano Ronaldo saying "I've been playing these types of games for 10 years now".

Source: DSG