Del Bosque says Spain must do better

12 June 2012 06:17

After coming under fire for sending out a striker-less formation in their opening 1-1 draw with Italy, Vicente del Bosque, admits his team must do better in their next match against Ireland.

"I am not happy about everything that happened against Italy - there are things we must improve," said del Bosque.

"But I am not unhappy with the options we have," del Bosque told Spanish media.

"We had four options - the three everyone was aware of (strikers Alvaro Negredo, Fernando Torres or Fernando Llorente) and then that of Cesc (Fabregas). Those are all very good attacking solutions," he insisted.

"(David) Silva is a forward; Andres (Iniesta) plays like a forward, so does Cesc," he insisted.

"The only thing that interests us is what is in the interest of the team. The opinions of others surely have interests distinct from our own."

Source: AFP