Del Bosque denies complacency after Spain crash

12 November 2011 09:17

Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque rejected suggestions his team may have been guilty of complacency after suffering an upset 1-0 loss to England here Saturday.

A Frank Lampard goal in the second half handed England their first win over Spain for 10 years and made a mockery of pre-match predictions that the visitors would romp to victory at Wembley.

It is the fourth time Spain have lost in a friendly since their World Cup triumph in 2010, following on from defeats against Italy, Portugal and Argentina.

However, Del Bosque denied his team had taken England lightly.

"I don't think it's a case of us approaching these games in too relaxed a manner," Del Bosque said. "We're not complacent.

"Yes, we've had four defeats, but I don't think we've taken any of these games lightly. You could see the intensity that the Spanish players played with tonight. We played at 100 percent, at full pace.

"England only got near our goal with one chance from the free-kick. We dominated the game to a great degree."

Del Bosque said although he was frustrated Spain had been unable to break down England despite a welter of possession, he could take positives from the defeat.

"I'm a bit disappointed and almost angry that we didn't manage to win but I'm also pleased with the performance that we managed to put in," he said.

"England defended very, very deep from the outset, they had a lot of men behind the ball at all times.

"We had lots and lots of possession of the ball and when England did manage to launch a counter-attack we were on top of that.

"We didn't let England get out of their half and when they did manage to mount a counter-attack we managed to cut it off and intercept it. We just lacked that skilful defining moment which on other nights has happened."

Source: AFP