Uncle Ron responds: 'Echo editor denies being a ColU fan & 'was the original judge a Shrimper?'

14 April 2010 09:35
Blues chairman Ron Martin has made a statement on the official site offering an 'olive branch' to the Echo, you wouldn't believe it, and wonders why the original judge stepped down! Martin: 'Echo article; "littered entirely with conjecture and supposition."Blimey, if this is making up with the Echo, I'd hate to get on his bad side!Chairman Rod told www.southendunited.co.uk: "We all credit the media with taking a little 'license' but today's headlines take the biscuit. How they quite write an article of nearly 600 words around an article from, "yes, we will", and littered entirely with conjecture and supposition, hardly encourages the reader to take much of what is written as genuine."He did try and meet the Echo editor Martin McNeill, ("who vehmently denies being a ColU supporter"), who turned the offer down.And the local paper boss should read this all as "an olive branch".You've got to admire the bloke; no, you do.Anyway, it's the usual explanation of the financial 'facts' according to Ron, and, to be honest, if it didn't mean so bloody much, it would be hard to care, we've been fed so much bull.To sum up, the money's all ready to be paid, and it's such a formality Ron's not even bothering to turn up next Wednesday.If your one of our Aussie readers and just waking up, the full story is here:www.southendunited-mad.co.uk/news/tmnw/shrimpers_handed_another_seven_days_after_high_court_drama_518789/index.shtmlHowever, the Southend supremo, now sponsored by Sainsbury's, possibily, did end with a rather good yarn, even reminding the Echo how much he wants to be their best friend again.Martin said: "The case was originally scheduled for 10.30am, (along with 100 others!), but when it came to our turn at 11am, the Judge announced he would have to 'recuse'which in layman's terms means 'step down', presumably for reasons of some conflict of interest. We will perhaps never know but the obvious answer one might deduce from that, is the judge is a supporterif that's the case, I wonder what he might make of the Echo reporting."And I hear he's available for weddings and specially selected stag nights. For the statement in full, and in case the Horlicks is wearing off it includes all the money stuff, go here:www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2024702,00.html