'Too many penalties and suspensions last season': Sturrock sets down the law for the lads

01 July 2011 11:20
Southend United manager Paul Sturrock has gathered his playing squad around him and told them what he expects of a season he wants to end in promotion! Blair Sturrock: Would you argue with this man? Tweets just flying all over the place, blimey what did fansite editors do before the internet, I mean you actually had time to think. Oh dear, excuse that senior moment; for now, let's rejoice in the news direct from the training ground that Blues boss Paul Sturrock is having strong words with our heroes on the first day the squad have reported back for the new season that all the faithful hope will end a successful one. And Luggy has told the lads he expects nothing less, lots of bonding, and not only Scotland it seems, nobody's place is set in stone, but a few must be feeling fairly confident that fitness aside they will step out against Hereford on August 6th, and that he expects chatting back to the ref and the odd hack to be cut out, wonder if Bilel was listening to that at the time! Any odds on when our popular French Tunisian picks up his first yellow? First quarter; against Dartford! SUFCRootsHall wrote: 1) Players to have few team bonding events over next couple of weeks   2) Manager wipes slate clean on team selection and every place is up for grabs this season   3) Players will start today by testing their fitness. Who's been living the high life this summer?   4) All players will sign up to a new rules and regulations   5) Sturrock focusing his talk on discipline too many penalties and suspensions last season are highlighted to start with   6) Manager finishes with let's have a good season and win promotion!   Easy!


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