Tilson on Francis: 'It's no surprise that other sides have enquired about him'

13 May 2010 11:34
After the breaking news that Blues right back Simon Francis doesn't fancy a trip to Accrington next season, manager Steve Tilson does his best to put on a brave face. Tilson: 'Of course I want Simon to be here next season'To many followers of Southend United this season it's been surprising that Blues boss Steve Tilson has remained to see out the season after all that's been going on behind the scenes and on the field.We have felt his pain; however, the statement released by the club's player-of-the-year Simon Francis that he wishes to apply his trade at a higher level as soon as he can seems to have rocked even this most solid of men, not that it should have come as much of a surprise.There may be one or two more before August comes around.Anyway, for now, he's trying to put on a brave face.Tilly told www.southendunited.co.uk: "Simon had a good season last year and of course I want him to be here next season. Obviously I appreciate that every player wants to play at the highest level but I signed Simon four-seasons ago and he still remains an important part of my team. It's no surprise that other sides have enquired about him and it would be really good for the team that he stays." You can hear the desperation in that statement.So what if he signed him four years ago; and, 'it would be really good for the team if he stays', well that goes against the 'nobody plays for Southend if they don't want to' mantra, Simon wants out Tilly, and it's doubtful he'll be the last. Might as well get some decent dosh. As well as 19% of S24 readers believing Simon would go, and I hear Brighton are sniffing around, the same number see Macca following soon enough, and the list could get longer with Mildenhall and the Moose possibily seeing their future elsewhere.The way Tilly sounds he may need a holiday himself soon enough, and you do wonder just how much more of this he can take.Could be a long, hot summer.


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