Tilson after Brighton & Hove Albion & before Oldham Athletic

18 April 2010 12:54
Both managers involved at Roots Hall Saturday are looking ahead to next season, but sadly for one it will probably be in a lower division! Tilson: 'Even if we had won, it wouldn't have made much difference' Accepting that relegation is now a near certainty after the 1-0 home defeat to Brighton, Blues boss Steve Tilson it was the quality shown in and around the box that was the difference between the sides, when the away side got a break, they took it! Tilly spoke to www.southendunited.co.uk: "We had more chances to score, but Brighton have taken theirs. Unfortunately, we weren't good enough in and around their box. Even if we had won Saturday, with the other results, it wouldn't have made much difference." He accepts that the off-field problems that have beleagured the Blues all season has finally caught up with them.Tilly continued: "With what the players have gone through, it has caight up with them. It is a difficult time for the players and they look deflated at the end. We now have to play for a bit of pride and go out there and see where it takes us. We need an absolute miracle to stay up and would need to win all three of our games and hope the other results go our way."Poyet: 'Maybe we were not better than the opposition but we got the result'Safe from any thoughts of the dreaded drop himself Seagulls boss Gus Poyet can start planning for next season in League One with a number of Seagulls out of contract.However, he was happy enough with the win, accepting it wasn't the best his new side has shown since his appointment.Poyet told www.seagulls.co.uk: "The performance was just enough. We have played better than this - in so many games - when we did not get the result. Today maybe we were not better than the opposition but we got the result. That's football. It was that kind of game but you cannot analyse it too much. We will take the three points and run, very quickly, in case we leave one behind."


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