Tilly after Southampton

09 May 2010 06:24
So it's all over, at last, and, surprisingly, it's the relegated club's manager that looks safer in his position than the one who only missed the play-offs due to a ten point deduction! Tilson: 'We were far too nice with the three goals we gave away'Blues boss Steve Tilson came up with the same old song after the 3-1 defeat at St. Mary's Saturday.However, the game was a 'dead rubber' to both sides, it was great to see the kids on the bench, though it would be dangerous to go down that route next season, and, finally, he did quite rightly praise the Blues faithful who once again, in the worst of circumstances, truly sung their hearts out for the lads, all 1,000-plus of them.Tilly spoke to www.southendunited.co.uk: "We should have got something out of the game. We were far too nice with the three goals we gave away. We had other chances ourselves, but didn't take them; especially Matt Paterson who really should have scored. The fans were a different class today thogh and made the club proud." Pardew: Even so, as Tilly and his team, whoever's left in it by August, face life in League Two, Saints boss Alan Pardew, who only missed the play-offs due to the ten poin trs deduction given his team before he joined, may face the sack!It's been reported on BBC Radio Solent that owner Markus Liebherr did not attended the game because he is "unhappy" that after investing £3m 7th position was just not good enough!The speculation was not helped by the Southampton matchday programme being mysteriously withdrawn from sale. No explanation has been given.However, a meeting is rumoured to be taking place during the week to resolve the situation. Meanwhile, back to the game played, and the Saints manager was just happy to finish the season with the points.Pardew told www.saintsfc.co.uk: "The result was certainly better than the performance. When you haven't got focus on a game it's very difficult, but we have oustanding quality in the team and that shone through in little periods here and there. That mentality to win is all important and we have that and we take that into the summer and pre-season and take it into next year."Fair enough, and after that the thoughts of the former West Ham boss turned to next season. Pardew explained: "We've had a good campaign, we've won 23 games and our goal difference is only second to Norwich I believe. We ticked a lot of boxes, but of course we need to tick a very big box next year and that's promotion."If he's allowed to that is!