Sturrock: 'Would like to bring in four or five players and it's vital one is a striker'

02 June 2011 08:21
Southend United manager Paul Sturrock talked to the local media as promised and in all honesty it was a bit of a disappointment, no surprise there then! Sturrock: 'Players, who have been waiting to see what offers they receive, get edgy' While there seems to be a reasonable amount of activity going around League Two as managers make inroads into the transfer market, Blues boss Paul Sturrock, just back from an early summer break himself, believes we all have to wait a little bit longer. As he told us a couple of weeks ago, as we've been told before over the last two summers. is it all happening again? Anyway, Luggy told  “At this time players, managers and agents are all on holiday so there isn’t much going to happen. It’s difficult to sort things out but that will change around June 20th. When it gets to that time players, who have been waiting to see what offers they receive, get edgy about where they are going to be and what their pre-season will be like.” So let's talk again from the 21st! No word on the transfer war chest, as also spoke about yesterday, 'shaping next season's squad' the club tweeted us, not that we expect there is one  Sturrock continued: “We do have a few irons in the fire but I don’t like to come out and say what players we want. If you do that and then you don’t get them it disappoints the fans and we don’t want to do that. But as soon as we do have something sorted we will let people know. We would like to bring in four or five players and it’s vitally important that at least one of those is a striker.” I think being pissed about will disappint the fiathful Luggs, but let's take him at his word, and, as ever at this time of year, we will wait and see.


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