Sturrock: 'This league can bite you in the bum if your finger's not on the pulse'

29 November 2011 02:51
Southend United manager Paul Sturrock has been talking to the Beeb about how he's turned the side around in the year and a half he's been at Roots Hall.

Sturrock: 'I see other managers who laud themselves and I cringe'   It's all been said before but it never fails to amaze the Shrimpers faithful how close they were to going under at the start of last season; in fact, according to a new interview Luggy has done with Auntie, Daniel Bentley nearly made his first team debut a year earlier!  

Sturrock told BBC Sport: "On the Thursday we had the youth team getting ready to play. We were told on the Friday morning everything was fine."   Four promotions now, in fact it would have been five had he not left Plymouth Argyle just weeks before they became League One champions in 2004.  

Let's hope we give Luggy that fifth, however the canny Scotsman will not be counting any chickens before those final points have been won and the move into third tier football confirmed.   He said: "I would say I'm more pessimistic than optimistic. I'm a superstitious man. I do silly superstitious things. I feel if you're not cautious you can get shot down in flames if you're too bumptious. I see other managers who laud themselves and I cringe. You're only judged by what you win. I've seen teams run away with it and faltered. I don't want that to happen to these boys. This league can bite you in the bum if your finger's not on the pulse."  

It sure can, then again Luggy knows, in a league where clubs change bosses on average before two years are up, blimey Tilly did well, that he's maybe a bad run from an early retirement.   Sturrock concluded:"I'm on what? Seventeen months now? Let's just say I'm feeling old for the league. You can be the best thing since sliced bread one day and six games later you can be out the door." Hopefully it will be a while longer before we have to worry about that Luggs!