Sturrock on Patters: 'There is a conversation between myself and Matt that has to take place'

26 July 2011 01:25
Southend United manager Paul Sturrock gave some game time to forgotten striker Matt Paterson in the friendly against Needham Market, all of nine minutes, and promised to chat to him this week, but what will he say to the former Southampton player? Matt Paterson: Luggy still has his wages to deal with, so should he use him? So what will Luggy say to the striker Blues boss Paul Sturrock has made quite clear he doesn't believe has any future at Roots Hall but he's been saddled with until next summer at least, on good wages, good for us anyway, unless he can ship him out? Obviously difficult in the present climate, Oxford United sent him back after a brief trial, and why should former Southampton forward Matt Paterson leave before his deal is up unless someone matches what he's taking home at the moment. Tough one, if the boss thinks your not right for his team, even after you've scored a few right in front of him, his header against Bristol City in last season's Carling Cup was superb, what more can you do? But if it's true that Luggy will not contemplate him for first team footy even with top scorer Barry Corr and his boy Blair on the injured list, possibily both long term, when we are paying him possibily more than anyone at the club, then something is very wrong. Is there something the usually canny Scotsman is not telling us, he certainly didn't tell Echoman Chris Phillips much after the 5-0 friendly win against Needham Market that saw Patters sent on in the 81st minute other than they he will be having a chat with the striker. Luggy said: “You will just have to wait and see. However there is a conversation between myself and Matt which needs to take place.” For sure there is, maybe he's handing him the reserve team the reserve team fixture list for 2011/12. Personally, as with many of the faithful, I believe Matt should be given another go, I mean who would you rather see warming up on the bench with ten minutes left and we're a goal down; Harry Crawford, Kyle Asante, or something to prove Patters? (On saying that, if a new striker doesn't appear soon one of those young lads, probably Kyle, could be starting against Hereford at home on August 6th.)