Sturrock on Bilel: 'We don't want him sat in the stands suspended all the time'

26 July 2011 02:16
Southend United manager Paul Sturrock has made it quite clear to everyone's favourite French Tunisian defender come striker Bilel Mohsni that he has to calm down next season! We all wish Luggy good luck in trying to calm Bilel Mohsni down! He's been sent off twice already in his one year with the club, and Blues boss Paul Sturrock has told centre-back come centre-forward Bilel Mohsni, who was substituted in Friday night’s 'friendly' with Ipswich Town before he saw red once again, that he must gain more control over his actions that could well turn a game round against his team.  Sturrock told “I’ve had a chat with Bilel about the Ipswich game and we need to stop this happening because he would’ve been sent off if it was a league game. He got booked for getting involved in a few silly things and I think he would’ve got a second yellow card for the mouthful he gave the player when he was coming off if it hadn’t have been a friendly. We’ve tried to work out why he gets involved and really get to the bottom of what’s happening because it needs to stop happening. Bilel is the heartbeat of our side and we don’t want him sat in the stands suspended all the time.” And say so all of us, the trouble is, if he loses some of that passion, if how much will you lose of his effectiveness as a player? It's all down to experience according to Luggy. Sturrock continued: “People need to remember that last season Bilel was a first year pro and had only been playing park football in France before joining us. You learn about discipline and things like that during your upbringing in football but Bilel hasn’t really had that. Hopefully with more games he can learn to keep calm but we don’t want him to lose the spark which makes him stand out. That’s what has made everyone take to him at the club because no-one has every seen someone play with quite so much passion before.”


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