Sturrock admits floodlight fortune

03 November 2010 11:30
Southend manager Paul Sturrock felt fortunate his side escaped after being dominated by Cheltenham before floodlight failure put an end to the game. JJ Melligan`s first-half strike had put the Robins on course for the three points until the lights failed in the 66th minute. "It was a bit bizarre but they said there was a fire under one of the floodlights and the safety of the fans was more important than the game" he said. "The wind dictated things. I thought we were just starting to get on the front foot in the second half when the lights packed in. "You cannot legislate against a wind like that because you couldn't get the ball down and make passes. "We were very hopeful that we could get something out of the game. We were relatively pleased it was 1-0 at half-time - though it would have been nice to be 0-0. I'm disappointed in one way but happy in another. But we live to fight another day and the next time we come to Cheltenham we will be healthier."

Source: PA