Shrimpers prepare for summer sale

10 May 2010 08:44
The Roots Hall faithful has spoken; most of the present squad should, or will, go over the close season. But who will replace them with our budget? Tilly's not got much of a squad at the moment, who will be left in three months time?At last it's over, but as Tilly puts it: "There will be a few team changes in the summer but it is too early to say now."And that's about it, he probably knows as much as us at the moment!No coalition needed over our S24 Poll, which ran over the last week and had the highest number of respondants that we've ever had, as a clear message was given that our readers believe a majority of the present squad will not be present when the team lines up in it's first fixture back in League Two come August 7.Who do you think will leave in the summer? All of them29.7% Simon Francis18.9% Alan McCormack18.9% Steve Mildenhall10.8% A player not on the list8.1% They'll all stay for promotion8.1% Franck Moussa5.4% Of course, all of them was meant to mean the four names mentioned, the player not on the list favourite seemed to be skipper Adam Barrett, we hope that near 30% didn't vote for the whole squad going!