Shrimpers pass on new season card sales figure: 'Disappointing that many fans have refused to renew'

17 May 2011 04:48
Southend United have suffered a dip in season card sales but refuse to pass on the actual number sold which leads to speculation on the toal revenue lost to the club from last year and the affect it will have on Blues boss Paul Sturrock's budget to improve the squad. The Echo has been hitting the 'sauce' again who has admitted to the paper the unsurprising news that season card sales are down, which could have left a drop of around 14% in revenue.S24 have tried to push further but have only been told that 'we've broken the 2,000 mark'; em, 2001? (Sales have been between 3-3,500 since the height of Tilly's reign into Luggy's first season.)Anyway, the line fed to the Echo, so eventually us, is an optimistic one, and as many fans are upset by the continued bulllshit for Shrimpers supremo Ron Martin, added by an increase from £300 to £350 for a season card in these tough financial times, and that if you renewed early, maybe the fact over 2,000 have been sold is a reason for celebration. The 'source' told the Echo: "There has been fewer season cards sold but the club are still reasonably pleased with the figure. When you consider the current economic environment and the fact we are playing League Two football next year, this is a great demonstration of commitment to the club from the fans. The reduction in revenue would obviously have been bigger if the prices hadn't gone up, however there are still many fans who decided not to renew, which is disappointing." Still, there's still time to gain a higher figure, but from supporters who I've spoken to who have held back, or just torn their old card up, they want to see the jewels in the Shrimpers crown stay, followed by some fresh blood in the squad to make them believe they are not being spun another line and Blues boss Paul Sturrock can lead a promotion push next campaign, then they're think about it!Of course, any dosh that has come in may have gone down the Uncle Ron black hole already.The source concluded: "There is still time for people to buy season cards and the club hope plenty more do. They are confident of pushing for promotion, so it would be great if the fans could play a part and get right behind the team." As ever, we will see, but I feel a new poll coming on!