Shrimpers handed another seven days after High Court drama

14 April 2010 03:34
Southend United have been given a 7 day adjournment to pay their oustanding tax bill to Her Majesty's taxman. Following an earlier adjournment from this morning until 14.30 this afternoon there were real concerns that something may have fallen through.However, for now, it seems we still have a football club. According to reports from the High Court in London, £400,000 has been transferred from a major retailers account, S24 are taking a wild stab that's Sainsbury's, into that retailers solicitors account. The cash will be then be handed over to HMRC either this afternoon or tomorrow. As far as the registrar is concerned the hearing next Wednesday is a formality to finally end this particular matter.Final does mean final this time!Of course, whether we will be seeing the taxman in court over anything else, anytime soon, only Uncle Ron, and maybe the financial director of Sainsbury's can tell us.Certainly the high street retailer seem to becoming a more powerful player in the club's financial affairs as well as being Ron Martin's guardian angel.God knows what he's promised them!Jamie Oliver Farm anybody?