Screech slags off Ron Martin: 'Didn't like the chairman, he was disrespectful and there was no need'

12 March 2011 09:02
Southend United v the Imps of Lincoln City: Southend United supremo Ron Martin joins manager Paul Sturrock in Lincoln City striker Scott Spencer's hit list as he drags up old news. Must get an up to date photo SaturdayLincolnshire Echo Sports Desk Friday morning meeting: Guys, we need a lead story for the morning of the match, we've covered Tilson's wage demands, the team were crap at Burton, there's no injury problems, what can we do?Boss, ther's always Scott Spencer.Brilliant, go and put a tape in front of hime, some shit will come out. So according to the esteemed local rag Sreech has now; 'lifted the lid on cash-strapped Southend's financial plight by admitting staff became ill as the depths of their problems began to emerge.'And that's news, we've been throwing up at those photos of chairman Ron Martin for years.It's also pretty old stuff, which i'm not sure the Imps faithful give a damn about, they just want three points this afternoon.It was crap, the players lost focus, we got relegated, Tilly went gardening and ended up at Sincil Bank and eventaully took Scott with him thinking so much of the former Everton youth he's been on the subs bench since he joined, calling present Blues boss an 'idiot' for good measure.Spencer told "So many people were just trying not to let it affect them. But you went one month without money, then it was two months, yet you still had to pay your mortgage and it was making people ill. People then began coming in the changing rooms when it was the gaffer and Paul Brush's place. It was a strange time. Because I was getting games I was on cloud nine, but you could see how much it affected those with bills to pay. It must have been terrible for them. People were coming in begging for anything and then the chairman would think he was doing you a favour by paying you."Screech, you really are a twat, though it's always interesting to hear anybody slag off Uncle Ron.He continued: "Every time you were addressed, he would want to take you upstairs and it would always be on his terms. He would not answer any questions. You would ask him something and he would say 'I've already answered that'. I didn't like the chairman. I just thought he was disrespectful and there was no need. He was telling the gaffer that we would be paid on this date, but then we were not and it created conflict. People would think 'is the gaffer lying?' or 'is he on the chairman's side? We would be in discussions and he would say 'Steve, have I ever lied to you?' Why would he say that in front of the lads? The gaffer should not have brought him into it."'Have I ever lied to you', got to admit that's funny.But whose next, the tea lady; 'no respect, never put the right amount of sugar in the half-time cuppa'Now shut up Scott, hope you come on in the 68th minute and get the ovation you deserve from the Shrimpers travelling faithful.