Ron Martin: 'I don't think football was as exciting to Brady as perhaps he first thought'

01 February 2012 11:44
It's trueTara Brady has left his role as chief executive the Shrimpers after taking on another job outside football.

Martin: 'I had already had discussions with somebody'

So that's that. TB's off, back to the City, and who can blame him, dealing with such a slippery snake as Southend united chairman Ron Martin must be difficult at the best of times.

Anyway, as ever, Uncle Ron made himself to the media as quickly as possible to give his side of the story.

Martin told BBC Essex: "I know he had a difficult year, I don't think football was as exciting to him as perhaps he first thought. I'm disappointed because we had a plan between us and I thought he would grasp it, and run with it, but he hasn't."

He then confirmed that Brady would receive all the money that he personally invested in the club when he joined; well, the amount Ron says TB gave him!

Martin continued: "A lot of people think that Tara was an investor in a much bigger way than he actually was. He invested £150,000 and will now require that back. It costs me nearly £100,000 every single month to run this club so we will discharge Tara's investment in the coming weeks."

£100k every month, pull the other Ronstill, cheer up, there's a replacement on the way, one we hope has very deep pockets!

Martin concluded: "I had already had discussions with somebody, actually before Tara started, and he couldn't take the mantle at that time, but he's now prepared to. We'll be making an announcement on that in a day or two."

Can't wait, some names have been bandied around but we will wait and see.

However, there must be a fear that the club are going to decend into the same mess we were in a couple of years ago, new stadium planned or not.

Watch this space!

Brady quits:

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