Ricketts Strikes Back: 'I am probably going to have to speak to other clubs': Ex-Tottenham Hotspur

21 July 2011 10:20
It's another 48 hours folks, that's the warning from Southend United trialist Rohan Ricketts, or he's off, when he wasn't ever really here in the first place! 'Hope to give you some positive news soon'; joining Stevenage? The Ricketts Saga Part 211 Shrimper sources were telling us yesterday that trailist Rohan Ricketts had; 'Failed to impress, lacks fitness, wants too much money'. I think we see where the club are leading us on this one. Anyway you can't keep a good man down, certainly one with the media skills of Mr. Ricketts. RR has told BBC Essex: "The negotiations are still ongoing between the chief executive and my agent. It's not about me wanting more than what they can give. It's about a fair offer. I'm really hoping we can agree a deal in the next 48 hours, or I probably am going to have to speak to other clubs." Southend boss Paul Sturrock suggested that Ricketts needed to work on his fitness following his return from their pre-season tour of Scotland. Ricketts has responded by saying: "He's right but pre-season is for players improving their fitness. I don't know if that's a bargain chip for him, every player throughout pre-season is trying to improve their fitness."