Ricketts breaks silence: 'I hope we can reach an agreement between me and Southend United'

19 July 2011 06:55
He's back, and sharing the love, trialist Rohan Ricketts is telling us to hang on in there, positive news could be on it's way soon, and he could still become a Shrimper! Ricketts strikes back: 'Hope to give you some positive news soon'   After an evening of mixed reports Monday former Tottenham Hotspur winger Rohan Ricketts has broken his prolonged silence, and to the joy of many, and the surprise of others, has tweeted in the last hour three messages that all remain positive that he could still sogn for the Shrimpers. Ricketts wrote: 'You can go out and perform on trial and give your all. The fans can then be excited about you signing but it all comes down to an agreement.' (Show me the money.) Quickly followed by: 'I hope we can reach an agreement between me and SUFC. I have shown my commit by traveling to Scotland when I could have gone to another club' (Refering to League One Stevenage here we suppose.) And finally: 'I want to thank all you SUFC fans for all the love and eagerness you have show towards me signing. Hope to give you some positive news soon.' (He's such a charmer.)   This does follow up from Blues boss Paul Sturrock told BBC Essex: "It really all depends on the financial package that Rohan is involved in. That would be the deciding factor, there's no argument about the talent. His fitness levels are not the standard they should be. But he brings a great talent, so it's something I'll think about over the next few days."    Which might be too late of course with clubs smelling blood, or a good player on the cheap, and can we afford him anyway along with the hoped for central strikers that Luggy seemed to believe was so important yesterday!   All will be revealed, though thealmanac asks: 'surely tweeting about it all the time doesn't help you' to which RR replies: 'are u for real?! What have I said that's wrong?!'    Where do you want me to start Rohan, but for now, no more, I need an early night!