Paul Sturrock: 'Bilel Mohsni knows this is his final opportunity at Southend United'

18 August 2011 03:56
Shrimpers manager Paul Sturrock has confirmed that we will not be seeing the back of defender Bilel Mohsni just yet. Sturrock: 'Hoped Bilel would get people going but it backfired to be honest'    Blues boss Paul Sturrock will not be transfer listing centre-back, come forward, come fans favourite, the one & only Bilel Mohsni, but is obvioulsy starting to lose patience with the passionate French Tunisian however much his talent for changing the course of a game.   Sturrock told “Bilel knows this is his final opportunity at the football club. He has been internally disciplined and financially punished for what happened the other day after the Orient game and I’ve made it clear to him that we have to get him some help too. He knows that he’s let himself down but as far as I’m concerned that now brings this matter to a close.”   Luggy will be looking further into Bilel's behaviour to his team mates, his rather quick temper, and the effect fasting for Ramadan was having on him.   The latter certainly has been a problem for the devout Muslim Mohsni being a professional footballer, and something S24 believes the club have let him down a touch, certainly something Bilel seeing a therapist cannot help with.   Bilel was not seen at Accrington but returned for the Crawley defeat on the bench when after only three minutes he gave away a soft penalty and was generally disruptive towards Southend efforts to get back in to the game. Sturrock confirmed:“Cougho had run his race and was tiring back there and I had to make a change. I hoped Bilel would get people going and maybe get on the end of a set piece but it backfired on us a bit to be honest.” It certainly did Luggs, but let's hope we see him on the team-sheet in some capacity against Burton Albion on Saturday. Not the first time:


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