Martin: 'We move on and this won't change anything on the playing side'

02 February 2012 02:02
Southend United chairman Ron Martin is as ever quick to give his side of events an here has his say on the departure of Tara Brady.

Martin: 'I thought he would grasp (our plan) and run with it'   Shrimpers supremo Ron Martin insists Tara Brady’s departure will not affect any on or off the field activities within the club.

Martin told “We move on and this won’t change anything on the playing side. Paul Sturrock chooses the team, chooses the players and makes the tactical decisions. The chief executive never does that and he is responsible for carrying out the board’s wishes. However, I am disappointed as we had a plan between us and I thought he would grasp it and run with it. Tara understands football well and although I brought in Paul Sturrock, he got on well with him but maybe it wasn’t for him in the end. One time he said to me that this was tougher than working in London. I like Tara and we had some good times together but he is back where he started now.”

He insists he is no wiser to why Brady left Roots Hall.

Martin continued: “I can’t say why Tara has left because I don’t really know. I know he has had a difficult year and I don’t think football was perhaps as exciting to him as he thought it would be, as was reported in the press a few weeks ago.”

Meanwhile, Martin was not going to back down from saying that TB was not a big investor in SUFC.

He said: “A lot of people think that Tara was an investor in a lot bigger way than he was, but he put £150,000 in October 2010 I think it was and he will now require that back. It costs me nearly £100,000 nearly every month to run this club so we will discharge Tara’s investment of £150,000 in the next couple of weeks and we have to move on.”

The Shrimpers chairman told the Echo he is close to naming a replacement which the paper believes is Gary Lockett.

Martin concluded: “I had discussions with somebody before Tara actually started and he couldn’t take the mantle at the time but he can now and we will be making an announcement soon."

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