Mac of Brentford FC now says: 'Don't like to see them struggling'

13 April 2010 01:16
Ex-Shrimper Charlie MacDonald has been telling tales to his fellow Bees, but now he just wants to be friends again. MacDonald: 'I still have a few friends there'He comes in peaceThe Bees 16-goal top scorer, and former Shrimper striker, Charlie MacDonald, has been telling his team mates that, unlike other crowds of course, we tend to get on players backs if events on the pitch are not to our liking.Who would have thought it!Personally, if we're not four up at half time I just walk out.Actually, if memory serves me well, Mac got treated quite well by the Roots Hall faithful, as I'm sure he'll find out to-night.He was just injured most of the time!Anyway, he's now told "They're in a bad situation, both on the pitch and financially. I still have a few friends there and don't like to see them struggling. I wish them all the best after tomorrow night, but I've got to look after number one now. Brentford are my priority."Well, that's cleared that all up then.