Just when you thought it was all over, Ricketts speaks: 'Sturrock said 'I want you!' Stevenage lo

25 July 2011 08:26
Stevenage FC. It's been fun keeping up with the thoughts of former Tottenham Hotspur winger rohan Ricketts over the summer, but we thought that saga was over, well, here's RR, hopefully for on e more time as he looks to grab a deal with Stevenage. Rohan Ricketts: It's all rather getting dull now, good luck Stevenage! The saga that was winger Rohan Ricketts becoming a Shrimper was finally bought to a close, however you can't keep a good man down and RR is back using the media he knows so well. Ricketts told BBC Three Counties Radio: "Paul Sturrock said 'I want you, I hope we can agree figures', but then they said they could stretch [to a contract], then they said they can't and it was just dragging." Luckily for us, it's now the fans and management of League One Stevenage that have to deal with the much travelled 28-year-old, and here's the thing, Boro boss Graham Wesley thinks he's a bit on the tubby side as well, as he grabbed some match time for the newly promoted side in their 1-0 friendly loss to an Arsenal X1 last Saturday. Boro boss Graham Westley told www.stevenagefc.com: "We had a look at Rohan for a couple of days, he trained with us Thursday and Friday. I think by his own admission he would point to his current fitness level as needing to be worked upon. We'll see where that one goes from here on in." Oh dear Rohan, anyway, he's back on the offensive and, well, I'm not sure what he's getting at! Ricketts said: "If he gave me the chance to play, I'd definitely consider it. But it is different. It was like a shock to my body. I take my hat off to Graham Westley after winning back-to-back promotions, but the philosophy is completely alien, we were training nine until five. We worked hard on Thursday and Friday and had to play Arsenal on Saturday, and they don't lose the ball so I was chasing the ball and didn't get a chance to express myself. I'll speak to Graham to see where it goes." Mr. Westley, I'd leave him well alone. As for us, what happened to all that love? Farewell Rohan, and good riddance.