'Failed to impress, lacks fitness, wants too much money': The latest on Rohan Ricketts!

20 July 2011 03:56
The latest rumour regarding the saga that is the Southend United trialist Rohan Ricketts, it's swung to the 'NO' camp once again, whatever RR may tweet later! 'Hope to give you some positive news soon'; joining Stevenage?   Well, it's started earlier today!   The long running saga that is trialist Rohan Ricketts goes on, for at least another 24 hours anywayt, and according to Echoman Chris Phillips the 'agreement' that RR was looking for is out of the Shrimpers reach.   Let's face it, no surprise there.   Phillips wrote: 'I'm hearing Ricketts won't sign because the club felt he failed to impress in Scotland, lacks fitness and wants too much money.'   All makes sense, and if we can just get official word we can get back to making up rumours about possible Luggy striking targets, along with the England v India test series starting Thursday a far better way to spend the summer.   Come on Rohan, what's next, not gonna back down now?   I'm off to the Tiger Lillies show, Westfield can take over, there's only so much cabaret in one evening I can take.