Don't Panic: 'These things happen over the course of a season'

21 August 2011 11:10
Southend United full-back Peter Gilbert was glad to be back in the team even after such a disappointing result and asks the Shrimpers faithful not to give up on the side just yet, after four games! Try and remember back only seven short years! Gilbert: 'We're disappointed to lose there's no need to panic at this stage' Well, S24 had us down for seven points at this stage, so we're only one behind on six! Honestly, 'desperate and dreadful', might sell a few  Echo's, don't miss the fans forum Monday folks, but we've been far worse positions, and in Luggy we trust, until January at least! Joking, joking; listen to left-back Peter Gilbert, back in the first team because of Luke Prosser's dodgy thigh and he can see the bright side of life, then again, he's paid to! Gilbert told “I was delighted to be back playing but obviously gutted by the result. We're so frustrated as well because we felt we deserved something from the game. We gave it everything we could but ended up getting hit by a sucker punch when their striker put the ball in the net from 25 yards. However, these things happen over the course of a season and you lose matches you should win and win games you should lose. It's swings and roundabouts really but it's still very early days and although we're disappointed to lose there's no need to panic at this stage.” And we're try not to, but seriously, back in when we last got out of this God-forsaken division we were 22nd in the table at this stage with a mere two points on the board, it could be worse! Let's give the lads the first ten at least before we start moaning! That season; blimey we lost at home to Cheltenham 2-0 first up, and we're moaning about a mere single goal loss to Burton!: (Imagine how the majority of the 3,941 felt after that goalless draw with Cambridge!) So where will the Shrimpers finish this season now? LAST CHANCE TO VOTE: