Barrett after Gillingham and before Leeds United

06 April 2010 12:04
Blues skipper Adam Barrett confirmed what his manager admitted last week, that the players pay being consistantly late is starting to take affect. Barrett: 'While we have a chance of staying up we're continue to fight'It took long enough for Blues boss Steve Tilson to break ranks, but now even centre back and all round United legend Adam Barrett has had enough of not being paid on time.No wonder there seems little fight in the Blues at the moment, and with games running out relegation looks almost certain now.Will we hear from Chairman Ron Martin about this matter, probably not. But go to the official site and we can but our Bovril without cash soon, just give them more money upfront!Adam told "It has been extremely tough for every single person in the dressing room and I think we'll starting to get mentally fatigued because of it. It's been going on for a while now and I have a wife and two kids, so of course it's a very worrying and stressful situation."However, the Southend skipper wants to make sure we know he, and the team, are not planning to give up just yet!Adam continued: "It means you're not concentraing on your football, but we've fought hard this season and while we have a chance of staying up we're continue to do so. There was not a lack of effort against Gillingham, but things are hard for us right now."


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