An evening with Uncle Ron

19 April 2011 12:21
The Southend United AGM will take place Tuesday evening nearly a year late! Tea & biscuits with Uncle Ron, lovelyThe Southend United AGM to discuss the financial report and statements up to July 31st 2009, sent out to shareholders last month, will take place this evening, Tuesday April 19th at the Park Inn Palace, and will include an apology for the delay since the last one in 2009!Shrimpers Chairman Ron Martin, CEO Tara Brady and manager Paul Sturrock will be in attendence.Could be a fun evening as long as the right questions are asked, though Ron & Co. will have all their answers ready and prepared, they've had long enough to think about what might be coming!It's probably going to be the same bullshit but EEB is S24's shareholder and will make sure we're updated here when and if there's something interesting to be posted, so don't hold you're breath.