A tale of two tweets: 'Glad for you mate, don't care what everyone says'

11 July 2011 11:57
Dartford 0 Southend United 3. An winning start for Southend United in their pre-season schedule as they win 3-0 and two squad members, one returning from injury & one who didn't play due to injury, shared some words after the game! Phillips: 'Pleased with my start, good base to build on' There were a few of the Shrimpers faithful at the end of last season that believed centre back Mark Phillips was fortunate that he had grabbed a two-year contract last season as he ended up playing just a handful of games as injuries took their toll, and may have felt the axe fall like some of his colleagues if Blues boss Paul Sturrock had just handed him a single year. However, the former Brentford and Millwall man promised to put the hard yards in and was determined not to fall foul of similar problems when the squad met up again as the friendlies started building up to 2011/12. Phillips told www.echo-news.co.uk last month: “I’m back in at Boots and Laces now making myself stronger for next season. Last year was just so frustrating for me and I’m doing everything I can to stop it happening again. I want to become a key part of the side next year because I think we can do well and I’m doing strengthening exercises pretty much all day every day right now to make sure I’m fully fit for the start of pre-season training in July.” And he was as good as his word, turning out in the first 45 minutes against Dartford away that turned out to be goalless before the Shrimpers turned on some style after the break to win 3-0. Certainly Phillips was happier than he was back when he wrote the above tweeting immediatly after the game: 'Happy to get through my first 45 minutes for monthspleased with my start, good base to build on. On to another game tomorrow' Which was seized on by injured colleague and 21-goal man from the campaign just finished, the Dubliner Barry Corr.    Big Baz wrote: 'Out injured for the night, glad for you mate, don't care what everyone says, your a good guy and deserve to do well!!'   To which 'TheMarkPhillips' replied: 'loool cheers mate'   Now there's comradeship!   Welcome back Mark, forgotten no more, certainly not by one Barry Corr!   Who finished on: 'Listening to Johny Cash, what a legend. Good start for the lads tonight. So jealous and gutted I wasn't out there. I miss playing football.'   Actually he didn't, as S24 reports the love-in between tonight's injured duo of Corr and Blair 'Jedi' Sturrock!   Corr: 'I'll never leave you. I think we should get an apartment together'   Sturrock: 'We are the 2bestfriends that anybody could have the 2bestfriends that anyone can have and we'll never ever, ever leave each other.'   Corr: 'I want to shout it from the top of a mountain, but I don't have a mountain, I have Twitter and an i phone.'   Sturrock: 'Can I take you out for chicken and maybe some s#x'   Corr: 'I don't like chicken!!'   Sturrock: 'Well maybe just a sea food dinner and I then I will never call you again'   Beat that Guardian!   On to Great Wakering then, Tuesday, July 12th, 19.45.   S24 will be there!  


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