Storrie toyed with quitting football

15 February 2010 01:55
Storrie clashed with supporters as he left St Mary's with his wife after Pompey had defeated their bitter rivals 4-1 to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals, a rare highlight during a season of turmoil where the Premier League's bottom club have been threatened with a winding-up petition.

Storrie wants to find a fifth owner of the campaign before Pompey return to the High Court to continue their battle with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs - but he considered quitting after the incident with fans on Saturday afternoon.

"I am trying very hard to save Portsmouth, for that reason alone it is worth carrying on," Storrie said. "But we have sat down to talk about it, and quite naturally my wife doesn't want me to carry on and that's only to be expected after she suffered such a frightening experience from Southampton fans.

"I must emphasise it was Southampton, not Portsmouth fans shoving notes in our faces and intimidating us, so what's it got to do with them?

"It happened when we were walking the short distance to our car. There was a group of fans ramming money into our faces, and thankfully stewards appeared from nowhere, but my wife was pretty shook up as you can imagine.

"Abuse is one thing but this was intimidation. I have to say it was as serious as that, and we did think we would shortly be physically attacked if the stewards hasn't arrived so quickly."

It is understood that Pompey are not going to lodge a complaint over the incident but Storrie has been clearly upset, particularly as he is fighting to keep the club alive.

"People have got to appreciate that I am the chief executive of the club, I am an employee, I am not the owner, and it's the owners who make the decisions and run the club," Storrie added on ESPN Soccernet.

"There was someone else with us and he was abused too, and no-one should be put through that. Our security staff have got the CCTV footage and will look at it before deciding what to do next."

Meanwhile, Storrie insists John Utaka is not earning the huge salary that has previously been reported.

"Everywhere he goes John is ridiculed for earning so much when the club is in so much peril," Storrie said.

"He has come to me and asked me 'can you do something about it?' He wants it to be known that he earns a third of the amount that is quoted against his name."

Portsmouth 11/8, Stoke 15/8, Draw 12/5  

Source: Team_Talk