Review over 20mph zone requests

27 September 2009 09:46
Calls are growing for more 20mph speed limit areas across Brighton and Hove, the city council has said.Growing requests have led the council's environment spokesman to call for a review of speed limits in the area.

As part of the review, the council would consider the impact of a 20mph pilot scheme in the city of Portsmouth.

Councillor Geoffrey Theobald said there are already 20mph zones in some places, such as outside schools, but requests had now extended to other roads.

City pilot

He said: "We already have some 20mph limits in the city, in Hanover and outside schools for example, and the council is receiving a growing number of requests for 20mph limits in other roads.

"This is why I think it would be a good time for the Environment and Community Safety Overview and Scrutiny Committee to review the issue of 20mph speed limits."

In Portsmouth last year, a 20mph limit was brought in in nearly all residential streets.

The new speed limit was introduced to protect all users of the city's narrow, congested streets, the city council said.

The final areas to join the scheme included the city centre and historic Old Portsmouth in March 2008.

About 1,200 city streets were covered by the lower limit although most main routes were not affected.

Portsmouth council claimed its adoption of the 20mph limit was "a first" in terms of the extent of the area covered, although other towns and cities in the UK have introduced similar schemes.

Source: BBC_Sport