Lowe vows to keep stars

08 December 2008 11:54
Southampton chairman Rupert Lowe is adamant that he will do everything in his powers to keep the club's promising young players at St Mary's during next month's transfer window. Finance director Dave Jones had earlier said that players such as Adam Lallana and Andrew Surman may have to be sold next year because of the club's continuing financial difficulties. However, Lowe insists: "We don't want to sell players. We'd rather keep our squad together, because we've always said continuity is the right way to move forward. "But while you're in the Championship, there's no point in saying that players aren't going to move, because ultimately they're the people who decide whether they're going to go or not. "A club can't make a player leave, a player makes a decision he's going to leave. If he gets what he considers to be a better offer, and he's making a career progression and he's earning more money, then very often it's them who will decide they're going to go. "We've always said we only want people here who are totally committed. "We've got that at the moment. We hope to keep the squad together as much as we possibly can, but if some people leave that's football."

Source: ESA