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Gray denies Gately jibe at Cov star

19 Oct 2009 16:11:00

Gray denies Gately jibe at Cov star

Former Boyzone band member Gately was found dead in Mallorca nine days ago and Gray was accused of distasteful remarks by Coventry striker Leon Best while team-mate Gunnarsson left the field with a broken leg. Gray, who has also apologised to Gunnarsson for trying to get the Icelandic midfielder to his feet after the challenge by Leon Clarke, said: "Obviously I did not realise Aron Gunnarsson's injury was a bad one at the time and I'm sorry for what happened. "It was something that happened in the heat of the moment and if I had known the player had potentially sustained a serious injury I certainly would not have tried to get him to his feet. I hope Aron's injury is not a serious one and I wish him a speedy recovery." On Best's allegations, Gray added: "Anyone who knows me knows I would not conduct myself in that way. "I find it disappointing that another player would suggest I made those kind of comments. The words that have been published are misleading and way off the mark and I dismiss them completely."


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