Morgan content with apology

17 December 2006 02:43
Sheffield United captain Chris Morgan has accepted Lee McCulloch's apology for catching him with a flailing arm during the Blades' 1-0 win at Wigan Athletic. Morgan ended the game with a badly swollen right eye, but confirmed that McCulloch had apologised straight after the final whistle - although he is likely to face FA action as referee Peter Walton did not see the incident. However, centre-back Morgan commented: "Lee was man enough to come and knock on the door, put his arm round me and apologise. "To be man enough to say sorry, that's enough for me. That's it. It's finished. Let's get on with it. "We're all sportsmen. We're going to get knocks and black eyes. It is part and parcel of the game. "I'm sure things will be made of it because from what I can gather it doesn't look too good on the television. "But he's said sorry. I'll accept that, not a problem. I don't see the point bleating about it. "If I do get asked, then I'll say Lee came in and apologised."

Source: ESA