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Morgan: Defeat could be a positive

23 Apr 2009 16:59:00

Morgan: Defeat could be a positive

Burnley ended United's club record-breaking 15-game unbeaten run away from home and prevented Kevin Blackwell's side from moving to within a point of second-placed Birmingham. Morgan said: "The defeat will maybe act as a little kick up the backside and remind us that we haven't achieved what we want yet." The central defender added: "Disappointment has been mentioned, but it was more anger towards ourselves for not playing like we have been and doing the right things. "We said at half-time that we'd let ourselves down and in the second half we were more positive and could have forced a goal to get a crucial point. "When you're on a run it's like a snowball and you want to keep going and going - that's where the anger came into it."


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