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Fans Forum (24/04/2010)

24 Apr 2010 18:32:49

Fans Forum (24/04/2010)

Sheffield United Football Club held a second fans forum at Bramall Lane... The forum took place at Bramall Lane this morning between 10:00-11:00am and hosted once again by Kevin McCabe and Trevor Birch.However Blades-Mad wasn't in attendance and this forum wasn't broadcasted on live radio but was made available through BladesPlayerIn addition to the forum which took place last night different questions were raised...Question - How much did Ched Evans actually cost us?Trevor: "To clear up, it was a £750,000 down payment and he will cost us £2.1m with a further £900,000 dependent on appearances."Kevin: "There is a belief that he will come good at Championship level and we still believe will be the case."Question - The style of playing is shocking... you're opinion please?Kevin: "We've not played well or as attractively as we could have. But up until last two games ago we were close to a play-off spot so you have to put it in perspective. This Championship does demand a manager who seeks a certain style of play and that style is up to the manager, not supporters, Chairmen or Chief Executives. I made the point on Friday about losing the month when we were in the play-offs and that was a major blow. I agree that too many performances have left us scratching our heads."Question - Kevin Blackwell's style of play is awful to watch, do you agree?Kevin: "Do we want to get out of the Championship? To achieve that we may not play the style of play we all want to watch. Take Dave Bassett, we had great success with Deano up front, that was long ball stuff. You can criticise the quality of that regime but not the end result."Trevor: "Chris Hughton told Kevin Blackwell that he had based Newcastle's style this season on our style from last season?Question - Injuries are they just bad luck or are the players conditioned right?Trevor: "The staff themselves are questioning themselves, if they are doing the right things and are the pitches right."Kevin: "I think it is just terrible bad luck. The players are athletes - fitter than players of ten years, the minor injuries nowadays become major injuries now."Question - Does a reduction in the wage bill come with the players or other staff?Trevor: "The major cost is the playing staff, we have to cut our cloth accordingly. We will look to be prudent in other areas but not compromise quality of service."Question - What is the financial outlet to SUFC with regards to the foreign teams?Kevin: "Not a cent, China did cost us but we have restructured and they no longer do. As I said on Friday, we have not utilised these associations enough. There are benefits commercially because we are a global brand."Trevor: "We are looking to make better use of the network."Question - Trevor, it was said in the press, that you are looking to bring in fresh financial investment, is that still the case?Trevor: "It is the top of my priorities at the moment, it will be a worldwide search and hopefully a new investor will come in to work alongside Kevin and as Kevin said last night, a new investor will bring money into the club - not to Kevin, you cannot ask more than that."Question - Can you explain where the money has been invested?Kevin: "The two Kyles were transferred to Tottenham for a guaranteed £8m, the rest is on appearances."Trevor: "I mentioned before that from 2006 to this year, we've spent £33m and brought in £32m."Question - Kevin Blackwell has got a bad record in big matches, what is your opinion?Kevin: "I don't really agree with you, I don't want to be forever on my own manager's back - every supporter thinks they can do better and would pick a different team. There is a blame culture and the first port of call is the manager, but you have to appreciate that teams come to Bramall Lane to frustrate us. Ultimately, I want the manager to get us out of the Championship."Question - People are saying they are not renewing their tickets, what is your response to that?Kevin: "We are a great Club, we've come on leaps and bounds over the years. We are all supporters together trying to get it right. Our expectations are always high and when it doesn't work on the pitch we are more down than we were eight or nine years ago. We need to generate as much income as we can, whether it is hotels, retail or conference centres, that income will be use for first team development. Other clubs don't have what we have and we want to make those avenues work."Question - Are we going down the same route of buying players to make up numbers?Kevin: "The management thought they were the right players, we can argue with hindsight that is not the case. People make mistakes. Criticising is easy but I take a long-term view."Question - Can we have an overview of the Tevez money?Kevin: "It was a £21m settlement, with a further £5m on certain conditions. The £21m is paid in stages over the next three years. If West Ham default, the Premier League have an obligation to pay through their TV money."Question - Is the goal for next season still promotion and is that achievable?Kevin: "This season was about promotion and we spent too much and failed. There's no shame, we've done our utmost and we'll do the same again. We are pushing for promotion, we always go for success. We want to get back into the Premiership and once we get their we will change again. We are going for it yet again next season."Trevor: "Most of our resource has to be on the pitch to get back to the Premier League. Next season will be an open Championship - more so than this year."Question - Does the hotel make a profit?Trevor: "At an operating level, yes it does. All the assets are run for Sheffield United."


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