Perusing over perilous permutations will prove pointless if Owls pick up 3 points

03 May 2013 05:15
A Wednesday win secures safety

Many Wednesday fans will have spent the past week worrying about all of the possible permutations that could see the club relegated as the Championship reaches an exciting conclusion this Saturday.

When analysing the situation in depth it is easy to become negative and dwell on the worse case scenario coming to light. When all is said and done there are clubs going into the final games in a more precarious predicament than Wednesday, who know that a win will ensure their safety.


Should Wednesday only manage a draw then all of the following must happen to cause the Owls to go down:


Barnsley must beat Huddersfield

Peterborough must beat Crystal Palace

Millwall must avoid defeat at Derby


If any of the 3 outcomes above were not to happen then 1 point would be enough to keep Wednesday up.


Should the Owls slump to another home defeat against Middlesbrough then the following results would both need to occur to send Wednesday down:


Peterborough to avoid defeat at Crystal Palace

Barnsley to win at Huddersfield or draw if Wednesday were to lose by more than 3 goals.


So even if the Owls suffered defeat by a 3 goal margin against Middlesbrough they would stay up if either Peterborough or Barnsley were defeated in their respective matches.

When you look at things in that perspective then Wednesday's position could be worse but as Owls fans we all know that stranger things have happened in football


Source: Owls-Mad


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