Owls' big ideas for Hillsborough

04 June 2009 11:32
Strafford, who hopes to attract a new £20million American investment by Christmas, is looking into the possibility of securing Government funding to help turn Hillsborough into one of the country's leading community centres. He said: "People who have never been to Hillsborough before come here and say: 'Wow this is a real football stadium'. It is a big place and that's why we have hosted big competitions in the past, but it does need developing. "Facilities are not up to date and I think on the back of engaging with community projects, we can attract funding to help us develop those facilities. In addition, if we have success on the financial side of the business, then we can invest in the infrastructure. "Hillsborough is a huge site and we can develop this stadium to hold up to 50,000 fans with lots of corporate facilities. Part of my vision for that is if we can be the biggest classroom in the country and if we can be the biggest enterprise zone and the biggest community centre as well, then what a great place Hillsborough would be on matchday and non-matchday." Strafford added: "Over the next summer months, one of the strands I'm looking to develop is those strategic relationships around this community. We want to engage the wider sporting organisations as well on the back of that."

Source: Team_Talk

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