Honesty best policy for Owls chief

03 June 2009 12:05
Strafford hopes to clinch a £20million cash injection by selling a reported 86% controlling stake in the club to American investors before Christmas and this will require current shareholders to agree to an issue of shares at an extraordinary general meeting.

Strafford said: "If you look at the sad recent history of the brand associated with our club and the PR that has gone with that, we absolutely had to reverse that trend. A family club, well thought of in football? We were not so.

"Now, let's be the most respected family-orientated club and more transparent than everybody else in this game. That makes life easier because too many people and too many businesses put effort into keeping secrets and it doesn't empower your employees and it doesn't empower your customers to buy from you.

"We are big advocates of transparency, but there is another piece to this as well in that I can't fix this club on my own. This is a club that has to be run as a business, it is a club and a business and the club aspect to it is community. The community side means we've got to fix this football club together."

Strafford added: "There are more of us who can add value to the club without ever drawing a salary just through the love of the club and the way you get people engaged is if you share the plan with them. Then you can talk about how they can actually help and there will be a lot of activities over the summer where Wednesday fans can actually help."

Source: Team_Talk