Wilson on: Slew and signings

11 June 2011 10:39
Danny Wilson, at the recent fans' forum organised by Blades Mad members, outlined his plans on keeping hold of one of our prized youth players and United's current transfer policy. As Blades Mad revealed last week, Wilson was a surprise guest at a privately organised fans' forum, and the United boss was keen to reveal the latest situation as far as Jordan Slew's possible move away from Bramall Lane is concerned, admitting that the club has problems with his agent, Mark Rankine. But first, he confirmed that a 'derisory' offer from Fulham for Slew was rejected. He said: "Up to now, we have received just 1 bid for any of the players so far. That is the derisory offer we received and rejected from Fulham (for Slew). "We will keep hold of the players that do not want to go." Asked whether he is in control of the Slew situation, he affirmed: "No, I don't think I am. Clearly the club has issues with certain agents and the way they conduct their business. "The Jordan Slew problem is down to his agent (Mark Rankine). We have spoken to the player and told him that we want him to lead our line next season. He is entitled to his own opinion and who he takes council from. "If his agent could get him a deal at other clubs which we couldn't match even if we wanted to, then the player could easily be weight in the agent's favour. "With Jordan Slew, we have 3 options."1. Play him next season and hope he signs a new deal with us to keep him here."2. Cash in hoping to get as much money as we can now, maybe with a whole range of add-ons and loan back, which is an option. As his agent may take him abroad, say to Scotland for arguments sake, for nothing at the end of the season. We don't get a fee, the player gets his money and the agent also gets paid. This has been brought to our attention from his agent."3. If he takes the hump, we throw him into the reserves and leave him there to see out his contract, but this would highlight un-professionalism to other clubs and could end his career, something I'm sure he won't do." Interesting. Wilson then reaffirmed what the fans already assumed, that some of our best assets will probably have to be offloaded. He continued: "Some players that leave will be fans' favourites, but that's football. "We will look at individual positions when the players return. There is always room for improvement on your current squad though so I will never rule anyone out." Asked if has made any enquiries or tabled any bids for any players, he replied: "Players and managers do keep in contact with each other every day. I've made some calls and I've had some calls, that's all I can comment on at this stage."I like wingers. Quick, pacey wingers who can beat a man to the byline and send decent crosses into the box. The width of the squad is what I like and if it's right we can't go far wrong. Of course, with everything in football good players cost money, so we'll see where we are when the players return."Finally, despite the farcical amount of loan signings the club has brought in over the last couple of seasons, Wilson did admit that the club will dip into the loan market if necessary, but in the correct manner. He concluded: "The club has been desperately unlucky with injuries over the last 2 seasons but we will use the loan market as it was intended, 1 or 2 players to use on season loans and the rest are for emergencies only. "We will research the players coming in first and make sure they are the right players for us. It won't be flash signings as has been made here over the last few years. "We are already short on numbers and are carrying a number of injuries into the next season, so you should expect a few loan signings to compensate them." Blades Mad would like to thank message-board member, Guzz Rate, for providing us with Wilson's comments from the Q&A.