Owls Win Fans Derby

20 May 2013 01:19
The tenth Sheffield Fans Derby took place on Saturday as Sheffield Wednesday Fans hosted Sheffield United Fans in the only Sheffield Derby this year so far at Sheffield FC's BT Local Business Stadium in aid of Sheffield Royal Society for the blind.

Saturday, 18th May 2013


The United Fans opened the scoring through Danny Taylor as he pounced on a loose ball which had re-bounded off the crossbar after a shot to hit the ball home from the edge of the area putting the Blades fans one goal up going into half time.

After half time the United Fans kept the back door locked despite Wednesday's best efforts to break it down. The equaliser came after fairly constant pressure on the United Fans goal. It came direct from a corner as Jepson lost his marker by slipping a yard back and looping a header to beat the keeper into the corner of the goal. The Blades Fans had the chance to nick a win late on in the game as a shot from distance produced an excellent save from Simcox who tipped the powerful shot onto the crossbar and out of play.

For the first time ever the Sheffield Fans Derby went into extra time and both the teams were ready for the task knowing that, in such a tight game, one strike may be all that was needed to win the game. The next goal came in the first half of extra time when Wilcox was brought down just outside of the box. Vella and Wilcox stood over the ball, Vella stepped up and struck it low and hard and into the back of the United Fans net to make it two, one to the Wednesday Fans going into the extra time break.

The last fifteen minutes of extra time got underway with the ball falling to I.Atkins in the centre of the park who turned on the bouncing ball and hit a long, central high ball to Maltby who made his run. He used his pace and skill to go past the United Fans centre half and went one on one with the goalkeeper. He went round him and passed the ball into an empty net to make it Wednesday Fans 3-1 United Fans.

Things went from bad to worse for the United Fans when centre half Matt Handisides was given his marching orders for a second yellow card as he committed a foul on the edge of the box. A second United Fans player received a yellow card for dissent. The United Fans team were tiring as the game progressed with the Wednesday Fans full of beans as the adrenalin kicked in. The final goal of the game came as the Wednesday Fans knocked a ball in from the right hand side which ball was headed back from Skelton into the path of I.Atkins who scored from an overhead kick into the bottom left hand corner of the goal bouncing in off the post.

The game ended Sheffield Wednesday Fans 4-1 Sheffield United Fans. SW: Jamie Jepson, Dale Vella, Oliver Maltby, Iain Atkins. SU: Danny Taylor.

MOTM Awards: SW Fans: Nick Ward. SU Fans: Danny Taylor.

Source: Blades-Mad


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