Mixed Emotions For Managers

27 May 2012 01:15
Sheffield United manger Danny Wilson was left to rule after seeing the Blades lose at Wembley to Huddersfield Town whilst Terriers manager Simon Grayson is naturally delighted.

Either side failed to score in the 90 minutes provided with the opposition hitting the woodwork early on in the second half and Steve Simonsen produced world class saves in the final ten minutes to keep the Terriers at bay. United themselves had chances but failed to make them pay dividends and in the scorching heat went into extra-time where again neither side punished one another and thus penalties were forced.

United started well with Simonsen saving the first three but when the Blades had an oppoirtunity to make it 2-0 they squandered and Town took advantage, in the end every play on the pitch took a spot kick with Simonsen blasting over and handing the Blues a 8-7 shoot-out victory.

Blades boss Danny Wilson was naturally disappointed top see his team defeated in such a cruel way; "I can't think of a worse way to lose. Steve had a terrific game. Who would have thought it would come down to the two keepers? He feels doubly disappointed because of his performance. These boys are devastated, all their hard work has been taken away, it's very difficult to console them."

Meanwhile Grayson was overjoyed that his side had won; "When we put together the first five penalty takers we didn't expect it to go down to the goalkeepers to take them," said Grayson. "I expected them to save a couple but not to take the decisive ones. We missed the first three, so how we recovered from that I'll never know. I couldn't affect anything so I just sat down on the bench next to my chairman, I didn't watch any of them. I could tell by the crowd what was happening, basically we just had a laugh and a joke about what was going to happen. It's down to the players. Sometimes it's written in the stars, you get your bit of luck and we managed to do that."



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