Can you beat the Manager?

12 August 2012 07:56
The 2012-13 Footy-Mad Prediction League commences this weekend and you can cast your predictions for the Blades fixtures against Shrewsbury Town, Coventry City and Colchester United.

This weekend sees the Football League clubs in both England and Scotland start out on another nine month campaign which they hope will lead to glory, silverware and/or promotion.

For the Premier Leagues, we have to wait another week before they kick-off in England, while north of the border the top flight is actually already underway, the clubs there having played their first games back in July.

Footymad supporters of teams from across all of these divisions are invited to take part in the prediction challenge 'Beat the Manager', where you have the chance to guess the outcome of all your teams' league games throughout the season.

You collect points for guessing a team's score, with additional bonuses for finding the exact score or the winner of the game, and even more for correctly predicting a draw.

League tables are created on a per team basis, and you also get the chance to compete across your respective division. As it is a free, just-for-fun game, you can enter for as many teams as you like. Which gives you extra chances for bragging rights amongst your mates!

To get started, simply click HERE, or on the 'Beat the Manager' link from the dropdown of the 'Games' menu above. Registered users will simply need to enter their email address and password to get started straight away, while new users just need to fill in a short form before they are ready to go.